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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mr. AWESOME - Today's Version of Wrongway Feldman

Watching old Gilligan's Island reruns can be a welcoming respite from some of the fare broadcast on television today. Take the episode with Wrongway Feldman. Wrongway never could get anything right. Even if he had today's GPS technology handy he would still land his plane in Timbuktu instead of New York City.

No one could ever follow Wrongway Feldman in his footsteps. Or could they? Sometimes fiction mirrors reality. And none other than good old AWESOME Brian would be able to prove that point.

Today, AWESOME Brian has come out with another doozy. Keep on cranking them out Brian [with further information in Parentheses]:
"(P.S. a special message to my superfans)        No problem Luke Skywalker/Luke redux/Cool hand [characters from the movie Star Wars], or should I say Brad Z [Brad Zubyk, worked for Mike Harcourt's NDP and was a Vision Vancouver strategist helping NDP MLA Gregor Robertson win Vancouver's mayoral candidacy]

....But there is one thing you didn`t consider, readers will be pointing fingers at the "Frogman" [Alex Tsakumis].....And reputation is everything, not that he [Alex Tsakumis] has one,  make sure to tell your friend this .....We know why he [Alex Tsakumis] is furious at Mike Klassen and Sammy, ...Sammy praised for bringing the NPA back to life...And the "Frog" [Alex Tsakumis] wasn`t mentioned at all...That is too funny!  That sure is a big old JEALOUSY STREAK....Everyone seeking power distance`s themselves from the Frog [Alex Tsakumis] ...He is "toxic"

Another Brian Brain Fart ™. So you see folks, good old Brian doesn't have two legs to stand on...... he doesn't even have one leg to stand on. He just can't seem to get anything right. So he has no other alternative but to make typical laaa deee daaa accusations inclusive of calling Alex Tsakumis a "frog" and a "frogman" who is "toxic". Brilliant stuff. Only Brian can make Wrongway Feldman look like "Rightway Feldman". Atta boy Brian.

As Alex Tsakumis further succinctly stated today:

"It's worth noting that he [Good old Brian] should be considered dangerous since his meds are clearly not working. Residents of Garden Bay beware!"

Stay tuned for another episode of ..... Brian Gough and the Straight Goods are AWESOME!

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