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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Brian's Brain Farts - From the Mind of a Clown!

From the deep depths of the mental institution (lunatic asylum actually) where Brian resides... the medical orderlies permit good ol' Brian a computer laptop in his padded and locked room. It's called mental therapy folks.

But many in the outside world believe the old adage "Who needs clowns when you have friends like this." To wit, Brian's deranged laptop therapy seems to undercut everything that his feeble mind apparently stands for.

The Riddler says:

Having Brian Gough comment on any of your posts is a kin to allowing an elephant with the flu room for a huge crap in the middle of your beautiful living room. Your blog deserves much better than that. Every time he declares his support for the NDP we lose another 500 supporters.

Succinctly put Riddler! But we all still enjoy Brian's National Enquirer entertainment even though Brian's proverbial Dr. Sigmund Freud needs it for his own analysis.

Stay tuned for another episode of Brian Gough and the Straight Goods are AWESOME!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brian's Next Chapter of...... "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

My, my, my. Apparently Brian has been off the meds lately and the Brian Brain Farts ™ have been coming fast and furious. Goog Gawd... more evidence that it was a mistake to close the Riverview Mental Institution! To wit, Ol' Bri has come up with some mind bogglers!

You can't make this mentally insane stuff up! As in El Loco Cuckoo. Go ask mommy for your full prescription of meds Brian.


Grant G said...

I too would probably squeeze the necks of both Michael and Gordon Campbell to the point of death...

Murder for the public good, kinda like a democratic star chamber, hmmm.

Sure is something to think about.

September 20, 2011 7:49 PM


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brian Gough - Unmasked

Well, well, well.... Good ol' Brian has now come out of the closet - to show his true self. Yes folks, our Brian ventured into the heartland of Surrey with his kooky, rag-tag band of miscreants doing.... well.... I dunno.

One thing about Bri.... he has always been an avid watcher of Gilligan's Island and has always thought that the skipper was his idol. Ergo, Bri wears the "Skipper's Hat" from the S.S. Minnow. Yup, Brian.... real cool!

Not too long ago, highly regarded blogger Alex Tsakumis gave ol' Brian the "Straight Goods":

AGT says:


Before getting behind the keyboard you need to go back to Mummy’s cupboard and take another little helper to even out.

The only people laughing are those who actually know of you.
Now, run along…."

Brian in true form:
(Nothin' better to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon - Hey Bri?)

(Is that a help wanted poster Bri?)

(Now that's real cool, Brian! Ahahahahahahahahahaha)

(Brian dancing to the tune of the Village People's "YMCA" at the corner of 152nd Street and Highway 10 - Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brian Gough Hijacks An Alien Space Ship

Ahhhh yes, good ol' Mr. Awesome had another Brian Brain Fart™ today that was sooooo big it stunk to high heaven. And good ol' Brian was sooooo far out in outer space on this singular doozy that he had to hijack an alien space ship just to make it back home. Imagine that!

And that's no mean feat either. Reliable sources tell us that Mr. Awesome has a secret ray beam eminating from his laptop, which derives its enery from his blog. Man, that's one wicked blog. Even the aliens were duped and taken aback allowing good ol' Bri to hijack their flying saucer.

Now to this alien matter, which has affected Brian's grey matter:
Grant G says:
HA HA…Baldrey not in the BC Liberal camp..You must still be looking for a paying gig Alex..
Either you are blind or stunned..Both is my guess..When you write shit for brains you insult all.
Baldrey is as partisan as is gets, for you to deny that makes you a flunkie.
Good day…AGT King of BULLSHIT
And then flying saucer risin' "Moonbeam" Brian needs to get that little "down to earth" dose of reality:

AGT says:
January 25, 2011 at 11:26 AM

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the not always medicated but permanently deranged Brain Gough, lifter of spirits, as often as possible…when the medication wears off.

Pay attention Brian (BTW, how come you hide behind the name ‘Grant’

1) I already have a paying gig, I guess you aren’t paying attention.

2) My vision is 20/20, thank you.

3) I was only stunned once and she ignored me anyway, so it doesn’t matter….

4) I believe ‘Shit for Brains’ could easily be your tagline. How many blogs and news venues are you banned from now?

5) Baldrey is NOT partisan, but is he non-partisan? I think since English is clearly a second language for you, you might want to think about that first.

6) Where did your spaceship land?

And the latest pièce de résistance, about good ol' Brian, from Harvey Oberfeld at his blog "Keeping It Real":
Response: There he goes again. :) h.o.

Looks like good ol' Brian just can't hold back his Brian Brain Farts™ today:


Grant G says:
AGT..You Fat headed slimeball…Baldrey is a BC Liberal hack…You are one one stunned asshole..And I` am being polite ..your use of the English language and the zillion grammatical errors you make ….Your a little slow to edit.
This post of yours is a bust..Your Wrong…You praise Bill Good…Then he is vanilla…Then he is a “Great interviewer” according to you…
What side of the bed did you piss in today AGT…You are a hack, a bitter BC Liberal neo-con HACK with no JAM!
Go blow yourself fool!

AGT says:
Uh, oh…someone ran out of those little pills and managed to get his straight-jacket loosened…
John's Aghast says:
The contraction for “You are a little slow to edit” is “You’re a little slow…” NOT “Your a little slow…” When will they ever learn…
Same thing “Your Wrong” should be “You’re Wrong”. Not quite a zillion, but it is a start.
AGT says:
Yes, yes, but you see Mr. Gough knows what it is he speaks of…slow…really quite slow…
You and I couldn’t hold a candle to the Internet poster boy for defamation and insanity.

Atta boy Brian!

Stay tuned for another episode of.... Brian Gough and the Straight Goods Are Awesome!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brian Gough's Dastardly and Muttley Routine

Another day, another Awesome Brian moment. As usual, good ol' Brian is wandering the internet plastering his Brian Brain Farts ™ everywhere, anyhow, every which way but loose. Folks, you can't make this stuff up.

Good ol' Bri provides enough comedic relief to supply all of North America's comedy clubs with their material and then some.
To wit, in true tradition and form, Awesome Brian pulled his regular Dastardly and Muttley routine - this time over at Vaughn Palmer's blog:
Vaughn Palmer...The big stooge...Vaughn, why do you think you should be paid..Hell man, the blogs kick your behind, lackluster sad piece of drivel...Grant G has you outclassed by a country mile...Vancouver Sun, pathetic, cknw cutting off and banning brilliant callers...While the PAB stacks the phone....Way to sell out Vaughn Palmer...Bill Good`s lap dog...Woof..Woof..Bow wow wow

Oh oh, Mr. AWESOME Brian Gough continues to utilize his phony "Grant G.[ough] routine. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! And that's why Brian is NDP! :D

In that vein, Muttley's following video is worth at least one thousand words concerning Mr. Awesome's continuous Dastardly antics - "Woof woof - bow wow wow" :D:

Stay tuned for another episode of ..... Brian Gough and the Straight Goods are AWESOME! 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mr. AWESOME - BC's Own Version of Jacko - Or Is It Wacko?

Another day... another truthful revelation about Mr. AWESOME..... or shall we say..... our own version of Jacko. You see folks, even people from the same fringe as Awesome Brian have now called him out. Yikes.

To wit:


neil said...
I've looked at your blog twice now, and I really believe that until you ditch the name calling, inflammatory language, and gratuitous insults, you're never going to be anything more than another irrelevant ranter in the blogosphere, preaching to the converted.     And I say that as a life long NDP supporter, who would probably tend to agree with a lot of your views, if they were more civilly expressed. I'd also suggest you spend a bit less time listening to talk radio. It's not healthy, or important.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mr AWESOME - Godwin's Law - Huh?

Brian, Brian, Brian. You have gone off the deep end again and your coterie of benevolent followers continues to believe. Hallelujah! It's obvious that BC's education system as failed us.

And Mr. AWESOME has nothing better to do that invoke Godwin's Law. To wit:

1. "The BC finance ministry is a Gestapo/Nazi tactic of fear and persecution."

2.  "A tyrannical government stomping on us with "Jack Boots"

3.  "Can only be compared to Hitler and Goebells himself"

4. "What kind of bullshit Adolph Hitler Goebells scare tactics are these"

5. "Remind people of hiding in attics and underground from the Gestapo" 

6. "The veterans fought your ilk Campbell, they fought Hitler" 

7. "Jack boots, heavy hand, fear, I do not make the light of the words Gestapo, Hitler, goebells"

My, my, my. And good old Brian has his usual gang of nuts posting in adoration such as:

"So on this Remembrance Day I salute not just our fallen solders but also those that serve Canada today (people like you Grant G) and fight for her best qualities."  

Society's underbelly.

Stay tuned for another episode of ..... Brian Gough and the Straight Goods are AWESOME!