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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mr. AWESOME - Attracts Fruit Loops With Sugar and Spice

Most people - like you and me - enjoy their breakfast cereal. One with a sweet tooth can even enjoy the the occasional bowl of Fruit Loops. But good old Brian takes the word Fruit Loops to a new level.

Case in Point - today Mr. AWESOME put his fingertips onto his keyboard and then Abracadabra he had another Brian Brain Fart .
"I am actually being too kind to the Vancouver Sun, the word journalism doesn`t apply to most of their articles, a better description would be spin, distortion and or repeating lies, lies from the Campbell public affairs bureau."

You see, MR. AWESOME has always been a conspiracy theorist of the most Fruit Loopy kind. That's why Mr. AWESOME also has an interest in astronomy as his musings are wayyyyy out in outer space. But those same Fruit Loopy musings, sprinkled with sugar and spice, also attracts the same Fruit Loops from Mr. AWESOME's ilk on the 'net. Case in point - good old Brian received this response:


Evil Eye said...

Fazil Mihlar is a fascist, in the school of 1920's & 30's fascists which includes some notable people, including Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Fransisco Franco.

Fascism seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political system and the economy. In a corporatist state, the corporations have more rights than citizens.

A Fascist state does not believe in freedom, but enslavement - free will is to be despised.

To gain political control, Fascists target newspapers and from what I have seen, the Vancouver sun has succumbed to fascist overseers. Left unchecked, fascists will soon control all and when that happens, just look and see what the NAZI Fascist party did with people they did not like."

Godwin's Law invoked again. Looks like Brian and 'Evil Eye' forgot to take their meds today. Fruit Loops could be another description. Residents of Garden Bay beware!

Stay tuned for another episode of ..... Brian Gough and the Straight Goods are AWESOME!


  1. Hi Brad

    Keep it coming, between you and I we`ll run all those ndp fuckers out of town, Laila mule and her big fucking scoop.
    She has nothing on my silly hall series, rank amateurs and pill popping drunks from garden bay, fucking morons, I`m the king of bloggers and a nice guy, ask my mom,she`ll confirm.

    Take care Pal

  2. Whoever is running this blog needs to remove this comment immediately. I never made it and wouldn't. Please remove it immediately and publish the IP address of the offending idiot that did post it.

    Although it's pretty clear who's responsible. Nice try Brian.

    Thank you.

    A. G. (Alex) Tsakumis

  3. Mr. Tsakumis. You are correct. Good old Brian pulled a scam/trick posting and utilizing your name at the 12:16 am posting. Baaaad Brian!

    Good old Brian's e-mail address is

    DCCNET is Delta Cable Communications, which services Delta, Point Roberts, and the Sunshine Coast.

    Here's Brian's IP Address and the rest of his stats:


    Host Name
    IP Address [Label IP Address]
    Country Canada
    Region British Columbia
    City Roberts Creek
    ISP Delta Cable Communications
    Visit Length 1 hour 51 mins 9 secs


    Browser Firefox 3.6
    Operating System Win7
    Resolution 800x600
    Javascript Enabled

  4. So, are you confirming that Brian Gough's IP address was the one that is attached to the offensive comment that is posted above mine?

    Please confirm that in so many words, it's very important that you state this publicly.

    Also, pls contact me at

    I'm going to need an affidavit from you.

    Thank you.