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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mr. AWESOME Fought the Law and The Law Won

Well, well well. Another day another Mr. AWESOME revelation. From being criminally charged in Burnaby Provincial Court to the Port Alberni Law Courts, Mr. Brian Lorne Gough has a rap sheet longer than his own toilet paper roll.

My, my, my. Is it no wonder, then, that good old Brian flew the coop from Burnaby Edmonds and fled all the way up to Garden Bay? And uses aliases such as Grant Gough, Vincent Grant, and J Gough? You can run, but you can't hide Brian. Baaaaad Brian. Bad!

One Adam-12, One Adam-12...... a 415 is currently in progress on Claydon Road in Garden Bay....... Over............

Mr. AWESOME obviously forgot to take his meds today with his most recent incoherent blabberings:


"The site owner was soliciting funds in my name, no pay pal was set up, but.... soliciting funds in someone else`s name without any permission granted or even asked is a illegally felony!...A fraud and felony, serious stuff, so there`s the deal, AGT has admitted having contact with an admitted felon, perhaps someone will be getting a knock knock on the door!.The police will be in touch Brad, and when that story breaks about one of Gordon Campbell`s PAB employees"

Folks, people ask us all the time....... Is this guy for real? Ummmm yup. That's our Brian. These type of outer space conspiracy theorists still exist.

Here you go Brian..... Here's some nice police chatter from your favourite cop show:

Stay tuned for another episode of ..... Brian Gough and the Straight Goods are AWESOME!

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