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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

AWESOME - The Brian Gough Story

Well folks, our first post today about BC's most AWESOME blogger - Brian Gough at the Straight Goods.

Of course, Brian is a little bit chicken and only leaves his name as Grant G. Why is that? Well folks, it's because he doesn't want anyone to know his real name for many reasons. Sometimes Brian has been referred to as the "Don Knotts" of the blogosphere - as in the "Ghost and Mr. Chicken".

Brian Lorne Gough was born on a sunny day on May 7, 1964. The birds were twittering and all was fine.

He grew up and then became a carpenter - he always had a thing for the hammer.

But one fine day many years ago, Brian was leaning against his shovel and he fell off - so worker's compensation could set in. WCB saw through the smokescreen and said NO - baaaaaad Brian - baaaaaaaaaaaaad!

Then Brian pouted and wanted more compensation so he sued WCB in 2006.


Supreme Court of British Columbia
Vancouver Registry
File No.: 65509
File Date: August 25, 2006

It didn't work out too well, so Brian, then living in the Edmonds area of Burnaby, moved up to the Sunshine Coast. It can get boring up there so Brian decided to try to use up his time. Singing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" while chugging one back just didn't cut it.

So Brian started listening to the radio all day long - more particularly CKNW to keep him busy. He then constantly called in to the morning Bill Good Show and the afternoon Christy Clark Show and used the moniker "Brian from Garden Bay". Well that didn't work out so he was banned from CKNW. But he still listens because he enjoys their shows - not that he would ever admit to that.

To keep himself busy, Brian also watches the BC legislative channel. Most people consider that to be watching grass grow - but not our Brian.

Simultaneously with the radio on, the teevee on, Brian also has the internet on all day long surfing news sites and posting comments in threads under various names. Most people only dream of such a lifestyle - it's akin to the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.

And then the day that made Brian so proud was the day that he received his canvasser identification from Elections BC effective April 12 2010. Brian still keeps his ID No. IPC-2010-002-2740 handy. He felt like a proud papa when he was officially recognized.

Brian also enjoys his cold beer - lots of cold beer but it costs aplenty. So if you wish to donate some funds to Brian's "Let's Keep Drinking Beer Campaign" we know that he would appreciate it if you could forward some greenbacks to his e-mail address at:

Stay tuned for another edition of ..... Brian Gough and the Straight Goods are AWESOME!

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  1. So why does Herman Munster hide his identity as well?