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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mr. AWESOME Has Lost Some Marbles

Well, well, well. We all know that Brian Gough still longs for the day that the old stubby beer bottle will one day make its return. In a future AWESOME episode, we will discuss Brian's "Love of Beer".

But today we look at the effects of Brian's love for Beer. No doubt exists as to Brian's jealous tirades against the "King of the Bloggers" as the Vancouver Sun has proclaimed Alex G. Tsakumis to be. Now why would that be? Because Brian is not even able to utilize the spell-check function? Because Brian attracts people from the lunatic fringe?

Mr. Tsakumis opines this about Mr. AWESOME:
"People too cowardly to leave their real name (including the NDP-loving discredited drunk from Garden Bay). Gough is really quite sick but the daily trips to the general store in Garden Bay don’t help. He’s been banned with good reason. his positions are so completely screwball crazy that words can’t describe his nuttiness. He litters his comments section with comments he puts up as ‘Anonymous’ and then replies to them! Unbelievable. He is shill for the NDP and has actually uttered, several times, that he considers “socialism is really democracy.”His spelling and grammar remind me of my daughter Giulia’s…she’s five.

Brian, the truth shall set you free!

And yet today Mr. AWESOME, with his fingertips on the keyboard (thank Gawd not on the nuclear button), flies off into outer space yet again driveling on about Liberal MLA Kash Heed.

But it doesn't matter. Mr. AWESOME's disjointed brain has yet another BRAIN FART
and brings Mr. Tsakumis into the same equation:
"Just because AGT has exonerated John Les and Kash Heed and every other BC Liberal, anyone AGT considers a friend he looks the other way and ignores crime and obvious conflict even if it is staring him in the face, that my friends is why AGT is a NPA hack, actually AGT is a HACK on all levels."

The real question that should be answered is:

Brian, how many bottles of beer have you had today???

Stay tuned for another episode of ..... Brian Gough and the Straight Goods are AWESOME!

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