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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Folks, BREAKING NEWS........ journalist Alex Tsakumis has AWESOME Brian picture painted perfectly today:

I really think you need to stop trying to pretend that you are anything other than a very mentally disturbed individual. If I heard that the McDonald’s in Garden Bay had a 6am incident with ten people dead and about another dozen injured, I’d have no problem betting quite heavily that you’d gotten yourself a gun.

Look, no one reads you, you have zilch credibility. Your contentions are insane. I’m sorry that fools like Laila Yuile and BC Mary provide you platform but face it: You’re a nut

If I released the insane locked up comments you’ve made privately to me, someone would seek to have you . Don’t bother with a reply. CKNW banned you as they should have. As have a dozen or so blogs. You resonate with cowards and the lunatic fringe of bloggers–simply those in the blogosphere that demand an NDP government and think there is a conspiracy behind every tree

Please go sell crazy elsewhere. Honestly, I’m surprised that in a place like Garden Bay someone hasn’t slammed the door on your empty head a few times. Or maybe they have and that’s why you’re so “articulate” and “sensible”. Go away Mosquito Man."

Alex Tsakumis wrote the above today in his comments section, in response to Brian's post, at this link:

Folks, you just can't buy this entertainment on television.

UPDATE from Alex Tsakumis:
"I’m sure in such a cosmopolitan center [Garden Bay] with such a famous and highly respected journalist [AWESOME Brian], I’m sure there is no shortage of other fine dining. Although it’s a pity since McDonald’s in honor of Brian Gough could feature the Big Hack, the Quarter Flounder, the Filet ‘o Fool, and Brian’s favorite, the Chicken McFucked It."

Stay tuned for another episode of ..... Brian Gough and the Straight Goods are AWESOME!

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