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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mr. AWESOME - A Halloween Spook

It's that time of the year when Jack-o'lanterns are inter-mixed with ghouls and gobblins. And AWESOME Brian will again be on his all fours howling up at the moon. You see folks, Brian the Wolfman has much in common with a good friend of this site - Eddie Munster.

Aside from both doing their thing during a full moon and both wearing Lord Fauntleroy suits, Eddie carries around his Woof-Woof doll, "Wolfie", while Brian carries around his AWESOME "Straight Goods" web blog where ever he goes. Imagine that!

So beware of spooks on All Hallows Eve, folks, and especially another howler from Brian on the AWESOME Straight Goods.

Stay tuned for another episode of ..... Brian Gough and the Straight Goods are AWESOME!

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