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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mr AWESOME - Godwin's Law - Huh?

Brian, Brian, Brian. You have gone off the deep end again and your coterie of benevolent followers continues to believe. Hallelujah! It's obvious that BC's education system as failed us.

And Mr. AWESOME has nothing better to do that invoke Godwin's Law. To wit:

1. "The BC finance ministry is a Gestapo/Nazi tactic of fear and persecution."

2.  "A tyrannical government stomping on us with "Jack Boots"

3.  "Can only be compared to Hitler and Goebells himself"

4. "What kind of bullshit Adolph Hitler Goebells scare tactics are these"

5. "Remind people of hiding in attics and underground from the Gestapo" 

6. "The veterans fought your ilk Campbell, they fought Hitler" 

7. "Jack boots, heavy hand, fear, I do not make the light of the words Gestapo, Hitler, goebells"

My, my, my. And good old Brian has his usual gang of nuts posting in adoration such as:

"So on this Remembrance Day I salute not just our fallen solders but also those that serve Canada today (people like you Grant G) and fight for her best qualities."  

Society's underbelly.

Stay tuned for another episode of ..... Brian Gough and the Straight Goods are AWESOME!  

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